• Student council elections are held at the beginning of the school year. Those running for student body president, class president, secretary, treasurer, or historian, campaign by designing and placing posters around campus, then write a speech to present infront of the student body. They are elected after a vote of their peers. If you don't want to campaign but you want to help on student council, there is always room for you as a student representative.

    Student council is an elective that meets Tuesday-Friday to plan pep rallys, movie nights, and dances throughout the year. The members dicuss whats happening on campus and how they can improve or enhance the climate. They also provide the music for Friday lunch in the quad.

    The following students have been elected as our 2017/2018 officers:

    Student Body President: Ellena Mardech

    8th Grade President: Kira Montgomery

    7th Grade President: Sierra Jennings

    6th Grade President: Kaleb Montgomery

    Secretary: Sydney Sutton

    Treasurer: Adeline Miranda

    Public Relations: Alyssa Hager

    Communications: Justin lemon

    Sports Rep: Zach Kelley

    Artist: Sahana Strawn