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    Attention 3rd-4th-5th Graders

    You’re invited to join Junction’s…

    Book Club

    What is book club?       A great way to get motivated about reading books and to share your thoughts about your book with friends. You also get AR points for your book and you get to eat snacks during our book club meetings.

    Who is leading book club and what do I read?     Ms. Wood is the advisor for book club.  She will be choosing the books to read. 

    When and where will we meet? Meetings will be in Ms. Wood's room every 6 weeks (2 per trimester).  We will meet 6 times for the year and will choose a new book each time.

    Will there be a test or book report to write?     NO, there will not be a test or any written assignment to turn in.  (You can take an AR test if you choose)  Book Club is a discussion amongst friends who have read the same book and want to share ideas and thoughts about characters and themes of a book.  The snacks are fun too.

    SHOULD I JOIN?      If you are committed to reading and finishing the book, then YES – please Join. Please be willing to share your thoughts with your classmates in a very casual setting (you don’t have to stand and present anything).