• Recommended Fourth Grade supply list:

    #2 pencils or cheap mechanical pencils that you throw away when they are out of lead (no expensive mechanical pencils that require the student to put lead in)

    2 red ink pens

    Colored pencils

    Box of crayons

    Pencil sharpener

    1 Elmers liquid glue

    2 glue sticks 

    Scissors (labeled with your student’s name)

    Ruler (labeled with your student’s name)

    3 folders w/pockets (red with your name on the front, blue labeled WORK IN PROGRESS, and your choice of a fun design/color  labeled HOMEWORK)

    1 spiral notebook (70 page)

    1 composition book

    1 package binder paper (for your home)

    1 Box of Kleenex

    1 pack of Expo markers

    Lysol Wipes (or whatever brand is cheap) to wipe down desks every Friday

    Clipboard (*optional, but we do a lot of partner work on the floor)

    Earbuds or headphones (cheap ones from the Dollar Store are fine, we use headphones every day)

    **Students are allowed to have 2 pencils and 1 red pen in their desk.  Crayons, scissors, colored pencils, etc. must be kept in the table drawer (I provide) or backpack.