Welcome to JESD Administration

  • JESD administration consists of our Superintendent, Principal, five Board members, Business manager, and the Executive assistant. All members work together to develop and implement school policies as well as maintain an operating budget. Open communication between our administration, staff, students, parents and the community is vital to the success of our school. We encourage you to speak with any of us about your questions, concerns, or comments and to join us at our regularly scheduled board meetings which are held the second Tuesday of every month at 4:30 pm, August through June. We look forward to working with you to exceed your expectations for excellence in education.



    Administrative Leaders

    Mr. Clint Snyder, Board President
    Mrs. Hope Bjerke, Clerk
    Mr. Ken Parisot, Board Member
    Mrs. Kelly Lindblom, Board Member
    Mrs. Kristen Knott, Board Member

    Mr. Clay Ross, Superintendent
    Mr. Chris Nelson, Principal
    Mrs. Carie Nadin, Executive Assistant 
    Mrs. Cathleen Serna, Director of Business Services